Adult Sunday School Classes

Come and explore our adult Sunday School classes, which meet at 9:30AM on Sundays. There’s a class for every age and study preference. We hope you will visit each one to choose the one which is right for you.

The Wesley Fellowship

Meets in the Wesley Classroom in the Children’s Wing

Wesley Fellowship Class is a lecture based class that derives its lessons from the quarterly Cokesbury study guides. There is also some limited discussion.  The age range is 40’s to 90’s. We are involved in many missions outside of the church, but most prominently with providing meals to Emmanuel Soup Kitchen. We are also very diligent in our Sunshine activities involving weekly visits to members of the class in the hospital or those unable to attend church. We are very active in supporting the financial needs of the church.

Light The Way

Meets in Room 38 on the Children’s Wing

Light the Way Class is a group discussion format that is teacher led.  It consists of adults of all ages and involves study of the scripture. Please bring your Bible to study with us! We are involved with missions such as remembering and recognizing our deployed members as well as involvement in church missions.

Bible Scouts

Meets in Room 12 on the Adult Sunday School Hall

Bible Scouts Class is a discussion based class that consists mostly of adults over the age of 50 but all ages are welcome! The Bible Scouts Class discusses the books of the Bible in a manner that involves study, sharing and discussion. Our ministry involves seeking personal spiritual growth and spreading the Gospel by locating and fulfilling the needs of the church and the community.

The Seekers

Meets in Room 14 on the Adult Sunday School Hall

Seekers Class is a discussion based class.  There is a wide range of adults from ages 26 – 94 in this class. The Seekers’ class is topically based according to the teacher’s choice and deals with daily Christian living. We support various ministries within the church and community including monthly meals at the Samaritan House, Sumter Area Missions, Salkehatchie Summer Service, Sumter Christian Charities, and United Ministries of Sumter County.